Thursday, October 18, 2007


Hello, thanks for reading our blog. My name is Michelle and I am a Co-Founder of Ethical Bull Breed Rescue and Referral. I have been doing Pit Bull and American Bulldog rescue here in Maryland since 1992. I started off volunteering with shelters and then moved on to helping other rescues with transports and then I started volunteering with an American Bulldog Rescue. Eventually it became time to start our own, which is EBBRR. (Ethical Bull Breed Rescue and Referral)

Originally the plans were to become a one, stop, shop for "bulldog type" breeds. We wanted to provide individual breed characteritics and information to help people make more informed choices. We also wanted to become a huge meeting place for all bull breed rescues to showcase their dogs. Unfortunately things snowballed so quickly, we really never had enough time to create the website we always wanted. I was not prepared to receive approx 500 emails a day, from all over the United States! There are so many dogs out there being given up and no one wants to take their dog to the shelter.....but they also do not realise we do this out of our homes. It really started to become depressing. After a few years of trying to save the world, I realised I can only do what I can do. Period. It was a hard adjustment and it certainly was a hard lesson to learn but I finally got it!

I have met a great group of friends doing rescue here in Maryland. I have a really nice partners and some great volunteers. Of course it is never enough. So email me if you want to help us out!

Right now the rescue end of EBBRR is on hiatus. We are taking a much needed rest. The past 4-5 years have been really hard and I need a break!! I am focusing on rebuilding the website the way we wanted it and finalizing the non profit status of the group.

This will probably be a slow moving blog... but stick around or check back soon. I hope to have something that strikes your interest on here someday. *sigh*

Thanks for stopping by,
Michelle (mdebbrr)

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