Friday, December 07, 2007

See this cute little bugger over there------------->

Well that is Frank when he was adopted and now 4 years later he needs a new home.

4 year old American Bulldog mix
House Trained
Crate Trained
Loves to take hikes in the woods
Good with larger kids
Not needy, independent but would like a close relationship with a family
Loves balls and toys to hike and run through the yard with

Frank is looking for a great new home, he has been with his owner since he was 8 weeks old, but due to a new baby, he is not getting the attention is needs. Rather than see his quality of life suffer, the family would like to see if there is someone who could love and enjoy his company as much as they have.
Frank has traveled the United States – twice! And gone swimming in both oceans. He is an avid hiker and great with his basic obedience and leash manners.
He will bark at strangers who approach the house to protect his family. He is a big fun guy, but would benefit from a person, couple or family that would make him an tight part of their circle. He is not dog aggressive or cat aggressive. Around other dogs, he generally ignores them to play with a log or toy.
He is a good bed buddy, and also does great on an outdoor dog run.

If you are interested in Frank, please call Janet at 540-937-6555 – to schedule a time for a meet and greet.

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