Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Pit Bull Shot in Baltimore County, MD

*Permission to crosspost far and wide* *Contains a link to graphic pictures*

Hello, Ethical Bull Breed Rescue and Referral, as well as many other pit bull rescues were contacted today about Pepper, the pit bull, shot by multiple times in Baltimore County, MD. We are assisting the owner with financial donations. Please help if you can.On Sunday, April 27, 2008 a pit bull named Pepper was shot multiple times by a neighbor. Pepper, a 1.5 year old pit bull has been darting out the front door. Yesterday while her owner's were not home, she slipped past a friend and out the door she went. They immediately gave chase, only to get about a football field away to come face to face with a man shooting at Pepper. Pepper ran under a truck and the man went under the truck after, I assume to execute her. Somehow they managed to get in between the man and the dog. The man would not let them touch Pepper until the police came. Neighbors and children were crying in the streets. The police came, filed a report and confiscated his gun. Meanwhile Pepper had 3 gunshots to her face and legs and possibly more. Her wounds are being stiched up, and the bleeding controlled but her leg it is unknown if she will need further surgery. They want to give her some time.Pepper was rushed to the ER around 8pm. The pictures attached are GRAPHIC, please do not click the link unless you are prepared to look at them.http://www. flickr. com/photos/56104950@N00/sets/72157604783159904/Pepper's owner came up with $700.00 of the $1600.00 estimate. Actual estimate is between (1100-1600) They have until April 29th, at 2pm to pay the balance. They are afraid they will have to put her down if they do not come up with the money. I have a 1030pm phone appointment with the vet to verify this information and to come up with any ideas on financial assistance for the family.I have had many phone and internet conversations with her owner and I do feel he is sincere in wanting his dog back and making sure she never escapes again. Mutt Magic, Inc.(www. muttmagic. com) has offered a discounted service for them when she is all healed. We sure hope he will consider it.If you can help at all with assisting this family with donations, please contact me at mdebbrr@aol.com for payment instructions.I will be accepting paypal donations for them as well at guardianambull@aol.com.If you choose to make a payment to the hospital directly the information is below. Please email Michelle at mdebbrr@aol.com so we can keep track of donations so the family can update you on Pepper's condition.Pepper is currently at Emergency Veterinary Clinic,Inc 32 Mellor Ave. Baltimore MD 21228 the telephone number is 410-788-7040. We were told it would be ok to make credit card payments via phone but I will know for sure after I speak with the vet tonight. It couldn't hurt to try to make a donation. Their account number is 10548 and the name on the account is Brenda Barbour.The vet is Ayrika White,DVM Please feel free to contact me with any questions.(mdebbrr @ aol. com) no spacesMichelle McDonaldmdebbrr@aol.comEthical Bull Breed Rescue and Referralwww. ebbrr. orgIf you shop online, you can help us by shopping through www. igive. com/ebbrrAny magazine readers out there? Order or renew your subscriptions through, http://www. magfundraising. com/ebbrr and help our rescue!

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