Monday, January 25, 2010


Hello! I can not believe we are almost one month into the New Year! I have so many things that need to be done that I am no were close to getting started!

I have to say I am failing as a foster mom! I do not think I can part with my last two fosters, Bean & Bella!

I am excited to say that I personally am adopting Bella, the mangey pup with the quirky personality! I have absolutely fallen for this dog. She reminds me of a special dog that we lost in 2008, named Ginger. (And its funny but Bella is a ginger color.) Bella has a lot of things in common with Ginger and I think that is what has tugged at my heartstrings so much. She is definitely a challenge!

Bean, everyone fell in love with, but I was guarded because I think I knew Bella was not going anywhere. Bean is the most loving, sweetest, cutest little dog you can ever meet! Even at his rowdiest he is a gentle soul. I knew he would be great for a family with children and we have had a few very serious applications on him but as much I tried to keep him and Bella seperated he did end up with mange and that is a real turn off for people! So I had two pups to treat, which was actually easier then trying to keep everything seperate. As Bean is growing, we are noticing some changes, I guess for compensating with a missing leg so we are going to have a specialist keep an eye on him. Even though I have fought myself with this I don't think I can part with him. I am a foster failure!!!!!

Time to go but I expect to have some free time to update things soon! Who knows my next post maybe a family portrait.... because Bean & Bella aren't going anywhere!

For those people that had a strong interest in Bean & Bella I have spoke with most of them about my feelings about adopting them both and they have given me their blessings.... hope everyone out there does too.

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