Tuesday, November 02, 2010


November 2, 2010

Sydney was adopted from EBBRR as a puppy and her owner has an emergency situation where he needs to return her to rescue. We are looking for a long term, temporary, foster home or a new adoptive home. Her owner is aware that finding a temporary home is not very easy and understands that she most likely will have to be placed up for adoption.

Sydney is being evaluated again since she is no longer a puppy and then we will have more information about her. Sydney is a loving dog with strong American Bulldog traits.

Please do your research on the breed http://www.ukcdogs.com/WebSite.nsf/News/AmericanBulldogBreedStandar08262009121848PM

We are looking for an adult home for Sydney since she has not lived with children. Previous dog experience is a plus. Sydney is up to date on shots, heartworm meds, and spayed.

Email Michelle if you have any questions about Sydney!


BaltimoreGal said...

Sydney is a wonderful dog!
She was my neighbor at one point and is a sweet girl.

Laura said...

I used to live with Sydney and she is a loving and loyal dog. Please help!?

mdebbrr said...

I am definately going to help Sydney. We originally adopted her out and that is part of our contract. She is going to be just fine! :)