Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Dundalk Cats - Update 9.21.2011

Hello there. I just wanted to update everyone on the status of the cat situation in Dundalk. I have been offline and haven't had a chance to post new information. The original link was pretty vague since I didn't have much time. You can see it on the blog here:

We are helping a senior woman place over 40+ cats. When we were first posted about the cats we thought there were 20 cats in need but there were many more. We are not a cat rescue, but we were asked to help and will do what we can to save as many as possible before they end up at animal control. The woman is overwhelmed and the cost of maintaining the cats has caused a strain financially and emotionally.

The cats that I will be listing on our new petfinder page are friendly and highly adoptable cats. None of these cats have been outside cats they are all inside cats. There are other cats that are feral in the home. We are looking into special homing for them but the difficult decision might be made to euthanize them as they are absolutely feral "indoor" cats.

We have been vetting and fixing as many cats as we can but we don't have the finances to do them all and the breeding cycle is non-stop. Currently there are three nursing mothers and 15 unweaned kittens. The cats are aged 3 weeks to 13 years old. They are well socialized and friendly cats but with this many cats in one home upper respiratory infections are common and of course a lot of inbreeding. We have contacted the Feralstat company about their brand of feline birth control but they said they are not able to issue any new prescriptions at this time and to check back next month.

Homes were found for Frick & Frack(brothers), Raven, and Princess. Out of the last four we had spayed, three were pregnant. If we would not have chosen them there would be 6 nursing litters RIGHT NOW! These cats have no were to go. Rescues are full and animal control can take all the cats at one time but their prognosis is not good because they will overwhelm the shelter. We want to help place as many as possible in good homes vetted and altered.

Please help if you can by fostering, networking or donations if possible. WE ARE DESPERATE FOR FOSTER HOMES so that we can wean this colony down to a manageable number. Foster homes are responsible for food but all vetwork will be provided by EBBRR. Email Michelle at if you can help.


If you can help with cat food, cat litter, collars, or supplies please email Michelle at to make pick up arrangements. ANY HELP IS APPRECIATED.

Monetary donations are accepted through our veterinarian at:

Light Street Animal Hospital
1601 Light Street
Baltimore, MD 21230-4916

Account is under Michelle McDonald/EBBRR.

Use our ChipIn Page:

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