Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Baltimore Pit Bull Awareness Day 2008


B-More Dog Celebrates Baltimore’s First Pit Bull Awareness Day

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Oct. 8, 2008

BALTIMORE, MD. – B-More Dog Inc., a new Baltimore-based nonprofit advocating for responsible dog ownership, is pleased to announce that Oct. 25 is the second annual National Pit Bull Awareness Day.

Last year, in light of the negative publicity surrounding pit bulls in our nation, Bless the Bullys, a pit bull rescue and education organization based in Tennessee, created National Pit Bull Awareness Day. This event’s goal is to focus on the pit bulls and their owners who aren’t making the news: Responsible, devoted owners that responsibly care for their dogs and do their best to make sure their dogs are good ambassadors for the breed. Last year, pit bull owners throughout the United States illustrated to the world what a responsible pit bull owner looks like—by holding rallies and seminars, handing out literature, and raising awareness about this misunderstood breed.

This year, B-More Dog encourages responsible pit bull owners in the Baltimore area to celebrate National Pit Bull Awareness Day. Walk your well-behaved dog in your local park or neighborhood. Find out how to certify your dog as a Canine Good Citizen or seek training advice for your rowdy dog. Talk to your local pet store about putting out fliers that explain the myths vs. the facts about pit bulls.

You can also join B-More Dog and help us spread the word about how important it is for all dog owners—particularly owners of pit bulls—to B-More Responsible.

For more information about National Pit Bull Awareness Day, or about B-More Dog, visit www.bmoredog.org or e-mail us at bmoredog@gmail.com

B-More Dog (short for Baltimore Dog Owners Guild) is a new nonprofit formed to promote responsible dog ownership through education and outreach in the Baltimore Metro area, and to enhance the relationships of dogs and their owners by fostering responsible care and stewardship. Although we will assist any breed of dog, our primary focus is to assist owners of pit bull breeds.

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