Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Daddie Needs a Home

Meet Daddie! He is a 5-year-old 60-pound Canine Good Citizen Certified American pit bull terrier. His time was up at the local shelter and he was scheduled to be euthanized, but a trainer who holds classes at the shelter saw what a fantastic temperament and sweet personality he has and decided to take him in until a forever home can be found. Daddie is very calm and good-natured. He loves people, and he likes to sit on your feet and give LOTS of kisses. He's great with kids, though he is quite big and clumsy, so homes with young children are not recommended.

He does not like cats, and he is selective about what dogs he will get along with, so a home as an only dog would be best. He was kenneled successfully at the shelter with a compatible female, so a home with the right female dog might be possible for him.

Daddie cannot stay for too long in his foster home, as there are other dogs in the home that don't appreciate his presence. Daddie really just wants to cuddle on the couch, and he doesn't get to do as much of that as he'd like in his foster home, so we'd like to get him into a forever home soon. A home check will be required, and references will be checked. An 8-week training course will be provided and is recommended once Daddie is adopted- both to build your new bond with him as well as to re-earn the Canine Good Citizen as his new owner!

If you're looking for a big, lovable, lug with a sweet personality and easygoing demeanor, Daddie may be your dog! He will make a great family/companion dog.

Daddie is already neutered and up to date on shots. If you're interested in adoption, please fill out the adoption application. Contact Aja at 410-889-9352 or aja@muttmagic.com for additional information.

UPDATES! From Aja, of Mutt Magic:


Since Daddie has been staying here, he has transformed from the lazy boy that walked around the shelter grounds with one of the volunteers. As many may know, shelter life is stressful and dogs often do not show their true colors in a shelter environment. Daddie has turned out to be a silly, goofy, and playful boy whose point it is to make his handler laugh. He is still gentle, handler sensitive, and very responsive to what's requested of him. . .but he's become so much more.

Daddie is required to sit and wait for his meals, and has to give attention before he is released to eat as well. Sometimes he is confused and will "perform," giving his paw in efforts to enjoy his meal faster. I usually humor him, taking his paw in my hand. Daddie has always walked wonderfully on leash, so that is nothing new, but he is also respectful while walking on stairs- he won't run past and accidentally trip you, as some dogs may.

Although he is not able to have much free time here, he definitely finds a way to make me smile every day. He isn't very interested in toys or treats and, until recently, he has been one of those dogs that will save his crate treats (all day) until he has a moment to enjoy them in the presence of someone. However, until recently, he hasn't had a marrow bone!! Daddie had his first raw marrow bone while in my care the other day- he actually looks forward to going back to his crate to enjoy it. Spending a majority of time alone isn't the best for a dog, but he is remaining in good spirits and is even enthusiastic. . .for marrow bone!

UPDATE 7/16/08
Daddie has been here nearly two months now. He is still in good spirits, although is becoming a bit restless, reasonably so. . .maybe it's me becoming restless wanting a home for him. Daddie attended the Mason-Dixon Classic with my dogs and I last month. We were there for a weekend trip. While I was doing photography and spending the weekend outdoors, the dogs were enjoying the weekend outside of the house as well. Yes, we all slept outside for three days!! It was great, and Daddie did fine, even through the crazy thunderstorm that hit us on Saturday night.

Since Daddie has been here a while now and it's been known that he's selective about the dogs he will accept, I decided that it was time to introduce him to my Staffy Bull, Star. Like Daddie, Star does not always get along well with all dogs, and we now know that she doesn't much care for Daddie, either! Daddie did great, however. When she grumbled at him, he responded appropriately and gave her space. Since meeting Star, he has become infatuated with her. Although she doesn't appreciate his advances, he still tries. . .let's give the boy some credit!!

Other notes- Daddie loves to be groomed. He will stand still while being brushed for as long as you can stand to brush him, and he readily gives his paw to clip nails. I prefer to give bones to clean teeth, but he is fine with handling of his mouth as well.

Daddie is already neutered and up to date on shots. If you're interested in adoption, please fill out the adoption application. Contact Aja at 410-889-9352 or aja@muttmagic.com for additional information.

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