Friday, September 25, 2009

Bean Thanks You!

Bean has officially arrived into Foster Care with EBBRR! He has a playmate around the similiar age to play with when he feels better.(I have neglected to blog about...we don't want Bella to feel left out so this weekend we will write about her!)

Everyone that donated will be sent a receipt, a thank you card and updates from this precious pup. I will be adding a running list of names on this blog entry of people that have helped him. This Blog is a work in progress so stay tuned....

Special thanks goes out to the following people who helped save Bean's life. They are in no special order and we do not have a list yet of people who donated through the hospital. If you did, please email me at

Denise @ Langley A.H.John M.
Melodie F.
Harry H.
Jane H.
Kathy M.
Jen M.
Kelley N.
Kristina H.
Wendy B.
Mary M.
Debbie E.
Teresa B.
Robin C.
Debbie G.
Shannon M.
Terra S.
Kathy H.
Valorie S.
Erica L.
Mary T.
Calhie W.
David M.
Karen B.
Susan S.






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