Sunday, September 27, 2009

Bean's First Weekend in Foster Care

We, picked Bean up on Thursday 9/24/2009. He is a pretty mellow pup, he likes to enjoy the scenery...and chase the cat. Bean gets around wonderfully, which you will see in the videos we will post later. Bean is being fostered with another pit bull mix puppy, named Bella that is quite hurt we are not writing about her. (She is the jealous type!)
We had to get creative this weekend to help raise money for Bean's vet bill at Langley Animal Hospital, so we had an imprompto yard sale this weekend! Even though it drizzled, someone removed our signs, and it was last minute we still made $100.00 towards his bill. We will try again next weekend.

I wanted Bean to be at the yard sale (Since he already has a fan club) so I put an ad on craigslist looking for a play pen for a baby. I let them know it was for Bean and we had a lot of people offer their pack and plays for him. Thank you to all. The pen Bean was in was perfect, it was tent like material (good for a dog!) and it had a screen that zippered so we can unzip it and he could stroll on out. He was a perfect pup on his day out. We will update everyone on the next yard sale.
Thanks for helping Bean!!!

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