Thursday, July 08, 2010

Zoe is Coming Back to Rescue :(

Zoe is a beautiful girl that we placed almost 7 years ago. Her owner has fallen on very hard times and is crushed as the thought of leaving her behind. You can see her baby picture...she was adorable. Zoe needs to be the only dog in the house and a family with large breed experience is preferred.

This is what her owner wrote about her: Zoe is a big beautiful girl. She loves to snuggle under the covers and keep you warm. She lives in a house with kitties and does well with them, unless they try to eat her food then the chase is on-she is protective of her food. She is good around kids; she lives in a house with a three year old. She will bark if strangers are at the door but will welcome them with licks and wags if Mom says they are okay. Zoe does not like other dogs in her house. She will put up with them for a short while but if they pester her she will let them know to back off. She does not like thunder storms or fireworks-usually runs under a table for cover. She is very healthy-just goes to the vet for routine check-ups and vaccinations. She is not fond of the going to the vets-big baby that shakes and drools. She lives where she has a yard to run around and fetch balls and sticks. She likes sunning herself and rolling in the grass-on hot days she plays in her pool. This is hard for Mom to put her up for adoption but life has handed us some unexpected changes and she has to move into an apartment in town. Zoe needs space to run around. Zoe has a huge heart and will give her love freely if given the opportunity.

Email Michelle at Location: PA/MD/DE

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