Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Abused Dog in Baltimore

Couple Finds Abused Dog In East Baltimore Yard

Reporting -Adam May BALTIMORE (WJZ) ―
An East Baltimore couple found an abused pit bull in their yard.

A shocking find in a couple's East Baltimore yard.

Adam May reports a couple found a pit bull, mutilated and missing half its nose.

In this WJZ exclusive, they're sending a message to whomever did it.

"That's anger, someone expressed anger toward that dog," said Antoine White.

Antoine White and his girlfriend couldn't believe their eyes when they looked outside their home.

"It looks like someone actually bit his nose off, tried to cut it and all of that other stuff, and he's really bad off," said Tameka Greene.

The couple locked up the suffering pit bull. But they were speculating on why someone would do such a thing as they waited for Baltimore City Animal Control.

"Keep his way from finding his way home, because you know dogs rely on smell," said White.

Two weeks ago a city task force issued a report on Baltimore's widespread animal abuse problem, resulting in 47 recommendations.

"One of the best things to do is to educate the public as to what constitutes animal abuse," Caroline Griffin, Task Force Chair.

Dog advocates want better ways to identify the signs of fighting, abuse and neglect. They also want better preservation of evidence, more police officers assigned to animal control and increased spay and neuters programs for pit bulls. Lastly, they want new laws for animal crimes and even a cruelty czar.

The mayor is reviewing the proposed solutions

"I don't ask for a report or document that's gonna sit on the shelf, these are things we're gonna take and try to find way to implement the best recommendations out of it," said Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake.

In the meantime, the couple who found this dog has a message for its previous owner.

"Someone needs to cut your nose off, some needs to keep you from finding your way home," said White.

"How could someone do that to an innocent dog that like that?" said Greene. "I hope he can recover and someone can adopt him."

A veterinarian will examine the dog.

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