Monday, September 20, 2010

Jelly Belly - Our Newest Rescue

Read all the way through for Updates!Jelly Belly is Safe! This BBD (Big Beautiful Doggie) was out of time at the shelter but thanks to some teamwork she is safe and sound today!

Jelly Belly or JB as she has been affectionately nicknamed by her sponsor Jen is now safe and sound at Light Street Animal Hospital getting a complete veterinary work up.

Jelly Belly came in as a stray at BARCS where she quickly became a staff favorite. Thanks to Amie and Kat at the shelter for getting her story out there! Thank you to Jen and Maddy for getting her into the hospital and finally thanks to Kathy at Happy Hound Hotel for allowing us to board JB there while we work on her foster home applications.

Jelly Belly has no history since she was found strolling the streets. Her age is estimated at 3.5 years old. She has done well with other dogs and shows minimal interest in kitties right now. We will have to test her further after we get to know her better. She has a very outgoing and loving personality and her tail is the fastest moving part of her whole body! :)

Jelly Belly needs a a foster home! We would like to find someone that will not let her snack and keep her on a strict diet and excercise her often. She definately can be a couch potato but you just can't share a bag of cookies with her while watching your shows. :) If you are interested in adopting her that is an option as well but she really needs to be in foster care first. Foster to Adopt is an excellent way to find out if this is a match for you. Email Michelle for more information.

Check out her youtube video!

Jelly Belly will be boarding possibly long term at Happy Hound Hotel in Hanover, PA. If you would like to contribute to her boarding, we would welcome it with a wagging tail!

Thanks to everyone that has helped this poor girl!

Jelly Belly's Guardian Angels

Russell ~*~ Amie ~*~ Kat ~*~ Jen ~*~ Maddy ~*~ Timothy
Dr. T @ LSAH ~*~ Jon ~*~ Charlotte ~*~ Adrianne ~*~

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