Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ellie Found A Home

**Oh No! Ellie is not feeling well and going back to the doctors... read down for the updates.**
Look at Miss Skinny Minnie!

Wow! This year is starting off great! Ellie, formally known as Jelly Belly, has officially been adopted by a wonderful family in MD. I am sure they will send updates to share with her fans on the web!

Pics to come!

Well I guess we spoke to soon. Ellie has not been herself since her spay surgery. We knew she was in heat during her surgery we did not know she was going through a false pregnancy. She has not been as active as she usually is and started the bad habit of only eating people food. (We had to spoil her during her recovery!! We wanted to make sure she ate something!) So back to the vets she went today and $538.00 later she is back home resting with her family. Let's see if she is back on her feet soon. We will keep you posted!

If you would like to contribute to her veterinary care, please feel free to donate via paypal or our vet office! Details below. Thank you.

Ellie is feeling better today and was walking around some. She looks a lot better then she did last night. I picked her up so that her family doesn't have to deal with all the "yuckies" that come with taking care of a sick dog. She has a nasty infection going on. We are taking her to our vet, Dr. T, at Light Street Animal Hospital. I think she needs a drain for all this fluid but lets see what the doctor has to say. She will probably stay a night or two but I will let you know tomorrow when I get online to update everyone. We are low on funds, if you would like to help please feel free to contact our veterinarian.

You can donate directly to the Animal Hospital by calling in or stopping by.
Light Street Animal Hospital
1601 Light Street
Baltimore, MD 21201
Our Account: EBBRR or For Jelly Belly (They love her there!)

You can also donate via paypal by using or the link below. Any help is appreciated and not expected. Thanks for wishing Ellie good luck!

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