Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mica - Available for Adoption

**Mica is currently being listed as courtesy listing. Mica met with our trainer who gave her a great report.**

Here is what Mica's rescuer, Maddy has to say about her!

Mica is nearly a year old APBT. She was found wandering the streets of Baltimore in bad condition. Efforts to find her owners were unsuccessful. I've been fostering Mica for a couple months now. She is a great little dog with much drive and spunk. She is incredibly smart and will work for anything so long as its food-dry kibble will have her doing back flips for you! She is very human motivated, and very concerned about what her human thinks of her. She wants to please so badly!

Mica is spayed and up to date on shots. She has a mild heart murmur which will most likely cause her no trouble. She is 41 pounds. She has displayed some allergies to beef.

Mica is great with new people she is meeting in her own home, though bashful with strangers outside of the house. She is still learning that the outside world isn't such a scary place, and a little bit of hot dog on walks is helping her learn this. Mica loves all people and with a gentle and strong hand she will blossom into a confident dog.

Mica is house trained and crate trained. She does not chew so long as she as appropriate toys are provided. She has also learned that baby gates are boundaries to be obeyed. She knows basic commands and is a good listener, though does need some work on leash walking (she's not a big puller, but she only has two speeds-fast walk and stop). She has a huge potential in obedience. Mica is always thinking outside the box to work for you. Just the other day I had her lay down and when I called her to me, she crawled across the floor on her belly because she didn't want to break her down!

Mica would do best as an only dog. She has little personal boundaries with other dogs and will most definitely NOT back down from a scuffle. She is excellent with cats she knows, though she does have prey drive and would probably chase a cat a yard.

Please email Michelle if you would like to learn more about Mica.

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