Thursday, May 26, 2011

I Never

WOW...some days when you are ready to throw in the rescue towel...someone amazing makes you think twice. I have been blessed working along with many great people that want the best for the animals in our community. I received a wonderful email this week, that I kept reading over and over. Then I asked if I could share it....

I met Jen saving Jelly Belly..... a 102lb pit bull. She is now right where she should be in a loving home and half her weight!

Shortly after Jen saved Raven...and the rest is history!

Subject: I never properly thanked you.

Dear Michelle,

It occurred to me today, that I never actually sat down to write you a note of thanks for helping me help the dogs at BARCS. Today was Kat Knauff's last day there, and she and I stumbled down memory lane. One of the things we laughed about was the use and overuse of the same name for the animals. There was Jelly Belly the emaciated dog, and Jelly Belly the way overweight dog. It seemed so funny to use the same name on two totally different shaped dogs.

Jelly Belly the emaciated dog went to rescue right away. It seems as though there is always space for a super thin dog because they have no energy and are so listless. Unfortunately, Jelly Belly the curvy dog was not so lucky. I had offered to pay for medical boarding for JB so she could get a full physical to determine if she was healthy overall. BARCS would be able to adopt her out later. Kat thought that was a great idea but reminded me that I had to have a rescue pull her in order for me to "foster" her medical care. Kat suggested that I contact you.

I believe I started our conversation rambling "Hi Michelle, my name is Jen and Kat from BARCS gave me your number to see if you and I could work together to save a dog." You heard the words Kat and BARCS, and you gave me your full attention. Without knowing me if you fell over me, you trusted me and my commitment to the dogs at BARCS and agreed to pull Jelly Belly and take her to the vet and then find a forever home for her. OMG! I could not believe what a load you took off of my heart and shoulders at that moment. You and I talked and emailed and stayed in touch throughout JB's care, and it was, and continues to be, a wonderful relationship.

I called you a couple of other times for dogs at BARCS, but those dogs were either adopted or found a different rescue before you could call Kat. And then there was Raven. I swooped into BARCS when it was clear broken legged Raven was not going to be rescued. It was October and rescue funds were completely dried up. She was going to be humanely euthanized. I told Kat that I was on my way to BARCS to get Raven and for her to figure out how I was going to take her without a rescue being involved. I became Raven's foster. I took her to my vet and had her broken leg x-rayed and splinted. She was in otherwise perfect health, so Raven would just need to come to the vet once a week for five weeks to get her splint changed. I put a plea out on facebook. Kat put a plea out on emails. No one responded, and then I called you. I believe I started that conversation with "I have another dog for us to save."

I explained that Raven's leg would be paid for by me and that she needed quiet. I had brought her home with me for a weekend, and she growled at the other dogs and my kids. I told you that when you asked if she was reactive. It never occurred to me to lie. We did so well together with Jelly Belly, I felt I could give you full disclosure. I may have been begging for you to take her at that point. And then you did something no one else did. Instead of ignoring the email and facebook pleas for help, you told me the truth.

You had the guts to tell me what no other rescue would: Raven was a long shot. She was reactive and growly, and it was very possible that she was going to need a lot of training and socialization. You told me that Raven was a huge risk to take on because the time it took to rehabilitate her may be the same amount of time to work with five other dogs with less issues. In other words, it was a numbers problem. No rescue could afford to take the financial or moral risk to work with her.

That really, really pissed me off. I saved this dog from being euthanized so she could be euthanized after her leg was repaired? Not a chance! I wasn't mad at you, although, I'm sure my tone of voice changed significantly when you told me that; I was mad at the sheer numbers of dogs that are out there that need our help. We are euthanizing the wrong species. Dogs didn't ask to be over bred and uncared for.

I then did what everyone knew but me; I adopted Raven. She is the funniest, cutest, most maddening, intelligent dog I've ever had the pleasure to be owned by. I became a foster failure. I was worried and told Kat that adopting Raven meant not helping other dogs as much. Her leg rebroke twice and she drained me financially. I could have helped 20 dogs with what I spent on her medical bills. Kat gave me her blessing.

I want to thank you for being there for me when I called you out of the blue about Jelly Belly and a couple of other dogs. You didn't hesitate to help me. When I asked you to help me with Raven, you said no and told me why. I have such a great appreciation for your honesty. I know Raven's story would have ended differently if you didn't return my calls.

So, we've worked on two dogs from start to finish, and we continue to update each other on our success stories. You and I have made a difference together, and it is a privilege to "know" you and work with you.
I know in my heart of hearts that any dog I ask you to help me with will get 100% of your attention. You are a blessing.

With profound respect,

Jen Carle

This is Raven!

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