Thursday, July 07, 2011

Starr - Medical Foster Needed ASAP

Before & After Pics - More Pics to Come

Starr is located at The Baltimore Humane Society..
Baltimore Humane Society
1601 Nicodemus Road
Reisterstown, MD 21136

Starr was turned into BARCS with bilateral cherry eyes because her family thought she was ugly. She was 10 months old at the time and had been raised around other small children in the house. Jen, her guardian Angel, swooped in and fostered Starr the next day because she wanted to get her eyes fixed. She didn't know that cherry eye isn't painful, but boy did it look like it was.

Jen fostered her and had her vet send a request over to Janet Isherwood for surgery. Starr did great and needed 2 weeks of quiet before going to a forever home. Starr is such a puppy! Rambunctious and fun and silly and waggy and licky! She had an adoption application and the person looked like a good candidate. BARCS had originally thought Starr was 2, but her teeth were brand, spanking new. The adopter's dogs got along great with Starr, and the adopter was really excited that Starr was as young as she is. A week later, the adopter says she wants to return Starr because she was too much of a puppy. Apparently, the adopter failed to mention that she had 2 small children and an infant in the home. Starr is great with kids, but she doesn't have a really good off switch. Adopter couldn't redirect Starr, and Starr came back to BARCS. She then came back to Jen's vet for boarding until she could find a home for her.

Baltimore Humane Society told BARCS they would take Starr. They thought she would love the wide open spaces and swimming pool and such. It was thought that the cherry eye was returning. She did have another surgery, and then another surgery.

One of the gals who works at Towson Vet was trying to take some pictures of Starr. There is only one, because, despite her cone on and after effects of anesthesia, she was a total wiggle butt and all the other pictures were blurry. She called Jen to tell her that BHS recommended medical fostering for Starr until her eye really heals. She needs to be in a laid back environment where she won't play or run or be her puppy self for about 3 weeks.

Her Guardian Angel loves this dog and she wants to follow it through to the end, ensuring she gets a forever home. Starr is still under her Angel's watch. She is about 15 months old now, but you'd never know it. She is great with dogs, cats, kids, adults, men, women, everything. She was interested in cats when I had her for walks and stuff, but I found her to be very easy to redirect. She does need mental stimulation. She needs her mind to be exhausted so she can physically rest.

If you can think you can take Starr on as a guest for about 3 weeks, please email Michelle at and we will put you in contact with the shelter.

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